Digestive Problems

Many people suffer from a range of gastrointestinal disorders, from excess stomach acid, IBS, food intolerances to more chronic problems such as Chrohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. At LifeForce Nutrition we can help you deal with any digestive problems through dietary and lifestyle changes. By implementing such changes you will strengthen your immune system and improve digestion and absorption of food.

Weight Management

Many people struggle to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Often it is knowing what to put in your shopping trolley, what foods to avoid, as well which foods to include in the diet that are the key problems people face. At LifeForce Nutrition we can offer individual advice, meal plans and motivation to help you achieve your goal.


Many couples struggle to become pregnant these days, in Ireland it is estimated that 1 in 4 couples experience difficulties when they begin trying to conceive. High levels of stress, excess weight and poor diet and lifestyle choices can all contribute to difficulty conceiving. LifeForce Nutrition can help you and your partner along this difficult road with dietary and lifestyle advice, as well as support and information on what your next step should be.

Stress Management

We have become accustomed to our modern busy lifestyles, but our bodies are still trying to catch up. Stress affects everybody in different ways, and can impact our health in different ways also, such as low immune function, poor digestion, difficulty sleeping and weight gain. LifeForce Nutrition can help you tackle the difficulties of stress, and equip your body to deal with life’s difficulties.